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C REDIT BLAUSTEIN was founded in 1996, inspired by the idea that future technological developments will completely change the financial world and the generally accepted principles of money circulation.

New multi-million dollar empires, created in a matter of years, required a new approach in wealth management, investment and prosperity planning. New ultra-wealthy families did not fit into the standard approach of the classic asset managers and demanded a new and sophisticated level of service to fit the new realities.

CREDIT BLAUSTEIN's main goal is to develop and provide innovative luxury-oriented services in the financial sector, based on the experience of the past but oriented to the future, in a rapidly changing financial environment.

We are committed to providing clients with an all-in-one product portfolio to cover needs at all stages, from starting and growing a business from scratch, investing earned funds, preserving and managing assets, to passing on to the next generation.

Our Values


An inclusive workplace encourages everyone's success. The best way for society is to have a diversified workforce and inclusive culture.


We have multiple parties to report to, including our shareholders, clients, regulators, the public at large, and of course one another.


Clients entrust us with the most valuable assets, and we check every step we take to keep this trust.


We believe collaboration is a powerful tool for achieving shared objectives.


We are confident that we can achieve our goals without harming our planet.